Need Some Face and Body Bruise Overlays!

Hi guys. Anyway, I need some bruise overlays for my characters since I’m going to have a fight scene in Episode 4 of my story. So, if there’s anyone who has some, please let me know. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I found one


I hope this helps💕

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This looks perfect. Thanks. Hopefully, you’ll find more. :slight_smile:

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I found some more💕

Summary (This has a good face bruise and a good website to find overlays and backgrounds just follow the appropriate rules)

This is all that I could find, I hope this helps💕

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Wow! These look amazing. I’ll definitely be uploading these and naming them. :slight_smile:

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For some reason episode dissaproved it

Oh I think it probably might be too graphic. You can try and blur out some of the blood, it might help💕