Need some good new stories to read :) Recommendations pls ❤️

Hello everybody.
I desperately searching for some good new stories to read on Episode.
I love romance, a bit drama and fun in a story.

What’s important for me:
-genre: romance or music/celebrity related topic
-multiple love interests
-custumization & limelight would be nice but I can also live without it if the story is good enough :smiley:
-10+ episodes

My favourite stories are “The Lovely One” by Naemie & “Anatamy of Life” by Isabella. Something like that would make me absolutely happy :heart::slight_smile: The stories can be older. It doesn’t matter to me as long as they are good :slight_smile:


Before You Say I Do by Lexisode is my favorite story atm

Check out my story
Title: UneasyLife
Genre: drama

Hello @mariflowerpower! I know my stories may not be as advanced as the big authors, but it would mean a lot to me if you can even read 3 episodes of them… :sob:

  1. The Perfect Match
    (Genre: Romance)
    (Episodes: 13 so far)
    This story is definitely has music involved but the only problem is the first few episodes are quite average :rofl:

  2. Call of Duty
    (Genre: Drama, Romance comedy)
    (Episodes: 3 so far)
    This doesn’t have any music involved, but it is quite romance based!

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You can check out my story for good laugh.

Attitude Problem

I don’t have a story of my own but here are suggestions of stories I have loved
Bite My Tongue
Him & I
Upside Down
The Rockstar nextdoor
Play My heart
Criminal Desires LL
Just a Kiss
A Mafia and His angel
Deep Attraction
Chain Reaction

All romance but they will get you hooked

The Doberman is hands-down my favorite story I’ve read on here. If you haven’t read it yet, 10/10 highly recommend. There aren’t multiple love interests, but it’s written so well you won’t miss it.

Try this one :blush: