Need some GOOD songs for long flight


hey guys! really soon I’m going to attend a long flight to Canada (almost 13 hours of suffering) so i kinda don’t have that mush music in my phone and i have no idea how to find new songs… so write down your 3 or 5 favorite songs (in any language :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) honestly i’m really curious about your music taste :blue_heart: love y’all


(in any language) and you don’t even understand what is the meaning of song ::joy:


Having just been to see The Decemberists in concert, I feel inspired to recommend some of their songs. How about: “Rox in the Box”, “Starwatcher”, “Yankee Bayonet”, “Severed”. I don’t know if you’re into gang stories, but you might like “O, Valencia!”


i will open the translation, dont worry )


thanks :heart_eyes:




Do you like BTS? :heart_eyes:


i’m not a fan but some of their songs i rly like :kissing_closed_eyes:


Hehe that’s cool! What songs?


Radioactive, Centuries, Take a Walk, We Are Young :v::upside_down_face:


i have heard DNA ,Fake Love and think Go go


Ooh awesome! I love those ones. :blush: I hope you have a fun and safe flight!


awee^ thank you :heart:


One Kiss, and No Tears Left to Cry, are some in my favorites.

@episodegirl - I love BTS! :heart:


Yassss really?! Who’s your bias?


You should listen to:
-Sleepin by NBA youngboy
-Dark Vader by Jhus
-Tati by 69
-So fine by Avelino
-Shed no light by headie one
-Attempted 1.0 by 410 AM
-Trap stack by 410 TS
-Overdose by NBA youngboy
-Closure by Cadet
-Drugs, money and scrams by mischief and SJ (67)
But some of these songs are UK drill so you might not like them.


Jungkook fan right here girl! :heart_eyes:


Happy birthday!

And ooh, I love Kookie’s voice! I’m a suga girl :heart_eyes::blush::kissing_closed_eyes:



His voice is a-m-azing! :heart_eyes:


Ikr?! It’s like :scream::scream::scream::scream:

So angelic