Need some help ASAP

Can someone make this into a png?

thx in advance :cherry_blossom:

With or without the background?

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If you still need it in about 2 hours i can do it (i dont have my ipad with me right now and i cant do so without it)

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without the background, and okay thx :cherry_blossom:

Ok and its ok x

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Ugh im so sorry its being awkward and uploading as a regular picture. Download “magic eraser” if you can

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I can do it. If you still need it. It will take 15 mins though.

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Thx for trying, but I don’t have a phone with meh atm.

That works, thx :cherry_blossom:

Ah ok x

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Here you go. If you don’t have it already.

Photo png


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Thxxxx :cherry_blossom:

@Sydney_H or @Jeremy plz close this thread :cherry_blossom:

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Closed and solved. Thanks all!