Need some help for my YT

Hey so for my channel the name is LuisaLux, I was thinking of making a actual video of me doing a haul of some clothes so I was thinking for an intro Hey everyone, it’s your Lovely, Unique, … goddess Luisa and welcome back to my channel. But the thing is I don’t know any describing words that start with an X. It’s suppose to spell out Lux if you didn’t see.


This site I found maybe? :joy:

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Any of these? :thinking:

Positive Adjectives to Describe a Person

xenial : relating to hospitality between host and guest

  • a xenial community

xenodochial : friendly to strangers

  • xenodochial owner

I don’t know, are you friendly to strangers?

Definitely not copied and pasted from a website nope of course not no

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