Need some help for the time being

Hi guys. So almost a year ago I stopped coding because of some family complications and didn’t have the time, but all of a sudden I felt like creating stories again. I had been coding for about 6 months before then and I have forgotten EVERYTHING. I do remember how to partially spot the characters, but otherwise I cannot remember a single thing. I would appreciate if someone could just tell me the basics and advanced basics. That would be amazing.

Here is a guide that might refresh your memory.

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I recommend re-watching, or watching Joseph Even’s Tutorials Youtube Channel and looking through Dara Amarie’s Website for all kinds of directing.

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Could you tell me the code for having a character talk and animate at the same time?
I put;
CHAR (animation)
blah blah blah

It says that isn’t correct

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What error is it giving you? Did you put a capital letter?

make sure your thing that says

CHAR animation is in the middle of the screen, let me send you a screen shot okay?

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For the both of you this is what I put. Also how do I get Melanie and cade to face a direction at the same time?

If you want something done at same time as something else you need to use the & command.

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also, make sure the animations you want to use actually exists and they are spelled correctly, if you need help, you can Pm me and I will review stuff with you step by step if needed

Not to be rude or anything but in your line at 596 it’s two not too :slight_smile:

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I just copied and pasted them from the animation catalog

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no your fine, thank you for letting me know, english is not my first language so Im still trying to learn the differences between all of them.

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I just can’t believe how many writers are so good at English and it isn’t even their first language. I’m here if you want me to proof read tho :))

@MELANIE faces right & CADE faces left
@MELANIE spot 0.684 81 268 in zone 1 & CADE spot 0.724 220 275 in zone 1
@MELANIE idle_fight_angry_loop & CADE idle_fight_angry_loop

It says this isn’t correct

You’re supposed to use
@CHAR is animation

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I noticed a few mistakes here.
It should be:
@/MELANIE faces right AND CADE faces left
@/MELANIE spot 0.684 81 268 in zone 1 AND CADE spot 0.724 220 275 in zone 1
@/MELANIE is idle_fight_angry_loop AND CADE is idle_fight_angry_loop

(Ignore the ‘/’ in the character names. I used them to avoid tagging someone.)
Hope this helps. :white_heart:

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What @bakedpotato meant is that if you want two actions to occur simultaneously then you should use & instead of @ .
For example:
&CHARACTER1 is talk_neutral
@CHARACTER2 is idle_shiftweight
Using this, the two characters will do these actions at the same time. It instructs the script to continue to the next line even before the action in the line “&CHARACTER1 is talk_neutral” is completed while if you use @ then the script waits till the first action is completed.
This works similar to what the statement - @CHARACTER1 is talk_neutral AND CHARACTER2 is idle_shiftweight - does.

(English isn’t my native tongue so don’t mind my mistakes if any.)


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