Need some help in dialect/expressions stuff

Hello there!
My name is Rebeca and I’m a Mexican writer on Episode that had just published a new story (Turbid Strife) about two weeks ago and so far I think I’m doing decent with the story. I got one little problem though, since I’m a Mexican girl who’s still working on diversity and understanding other cultures as much as I possibly can, so could someone who is actually of Nigerian descent or live in Nigeria please help with some dialect/expression thing I got? In the story I featured two Nigerian women who are twins and they argue quite a lot but love and protect each other nevertheless, so I wanted to include phrases/expressions or even insults that Nigerian people use. It would help me a lot to get advice and/or help from a person who actually knows and is part of the culture and it would also help me improve my understanding and view of this wondeful and amazing culture I’m very fascinated by, and of course help me improve my diversity. I hope I explained myself well. :sweat_smile: :thinking:
P.S.: This isn’t a big issue, but I still wanna include different dialects and expressions because to me it makes you know the culture and the people better, you know what I mean?
P.S. 2: Oh, and I forgot to mention that by Nigerian dialect/phrases/expressions I mean Nigerian english. There are many, many languages in Nigeria and I forgot to be specific! Lol

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Has someone help you with this problem yet @lgbthoe80s

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Not yet.

Perhaps you can find Nigerian descent that would be happy to help in this thread Diversity FAQs for the Confused

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Thank you for providing me this link!

Im Nigerian

I’m also Nigerian, I could help…
That’s if it’s not too late