Need some help on the last part of my story

The poll is up on my Instagram which is: emily1903_episode. The poll will determine the theme for the last part of my story which I have been writing and will eventually be published onto episode. There is another poll for what the next chapter of my story will be about. Any questions feel free to DM

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Ooo I like either I don’t know what to say as a hopeless romantic I like the reality one but as a sci fi geek I like the connected dream one😂

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See thats the thing I’m a hopeless romantic but love all the sci-fi stuff :joy:. The beginning part is reality themed but that’s about 3 years old so I’m gonna edit it anyway. The first dream is zombie based, the 2nd dream is based on a film which is based on these kids whose parents collect fairytale objects and the 3rd dream is superhero based.

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:joy::joy:oh no, maybe do a poll

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It sounds absolutely crazy and awesome!

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Awww thank you, I might do that.

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:blush:of course!!

I will probably do it on Instagram but u have too make an account first :joy:

Oh you don’t have one?

Not yet, university has been busy that I haven’t had time but I do now

Ohh good!! Let me know and I’ll follow !

I’ll make sure to follow back

My Instagram is emily1903_epsiode

Okay I followed you but I also have to make an episode account😂

That’s fine, I’m gonna wait till I have more people to do the poll cause 3 people won’t be enough :joy:

Haha that’s true😂

I know for sure there is going to be a lot of different seasons for the story cause its gonna be so long so that will be fun to do :joy:

Ooo that will be fun!!

I’m working on one now as well!!

Mines currently 10 pages on a word document :joy:. What’s yours about?