Need some help please

I’m in desperate read of a good ink episode !!


What type of episode do you like?

Have you ever read Billionaire Baby Daddy?
Chain Reaction
It’s just an Illusion
It’s just an Illusion: Captive
It’s Just an Illusion: Regrets
The Runaway
Changing The Bad Boy

Yes I have x I like any

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I love that episode and I edited my post too

Dead 7
4 kingdoms
The Ruby Tiara
Too far

Those are all I can think of now

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Wow that’s cool !

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I’ve read those

without you
the new girl
the shaw brothers
the best mistake
apartment 143
body tangle
the eyes of the moon
hunting bad
the doberman
i despise you
deep desire
billionaire baby daddy

thats all i can think of :thinking:

Wow :astonished: thanks ssss

I’ve read them all accept 1 :joy:

Hey There! This is my current list of stories I have found interesting. Most of them are hidden gems or underrated. Take your pick! :wink:

Astronomy Gossip
Loving In Retrospect
The Renegades
Perfect Pitches: Online
Crossed Paths
In A Heartbeat
Destiny Dispatcher

Thanks are they ink

Yes all are Ink. I am working on to add geat stories to the LL list too :wink:

Oooo thanks I’m going to read them now

Aching for the bad girl
Brilliant directing, story line, and its super hilarious

If you like fantasy, Saving Enchantilis by @episodequeencc on instagram!