Need some help please!

Hey there! I’ve got a burning question: how do I co-write a story with someone? As in, how do I access their portal to see the story I’m helping with? Thank you!

you will have to login into it, like with the password and gmail but you’ll could even make a new joint gmail account together!

Ohhhh thank you so much!

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Ok so i need help with my story i was wondering how i can make choices because i try to do them but they don’t work so please help me.

This is the code:


How should I greet him?

“Sup, bro.”{

#Whatever happens in this choice.#

“Hey there!”{

#Whatever happens in this choice.#


#Whatever happens in this choice.#


Then your story continues as usual.

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thank you!!

No problem! :smiley:

ok i am going to try and thank you again

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