Need some help with artwork

Im in the middle of writing my stories on the episode app and I’m looking for anybody who is willing to help me out with any art scenes, covers and splashes

If you can help please let me know on here or my IG pages countingstars.episode or mafiastar.episode


I can do covers and splashes

That would be amazing

Thank you so much

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So what exactly do you need help with (Style)

A lot

To be honest

I’m writing a series of stories at the moment

I need (at the minute) at least 3 small covers and 4 large covers


I’m not sure about because it’s something I don’t have much experience in

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For splashes would you like a social media splash with yours on it and a Enjoy this story and a to be continued?


That sounds perfect

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And also what theme are you going for(I can do multiple themes and also this will help me with the covers and splashes

The series is mafia based

Spanish/Italian/American and Greek mafia

So along those lines

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Please can I have the character descriptions and please tell me with story they are for and also the name of it please?

I’ll send you a message with it all

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Oh okay!

It’s just easier

Did you receive it?

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Does that help you?