Need some help with character development

How can i make a character of mine less annoying? I personally think she’s kind of quirky & just overall a happy person but when I got a second opinion turns out what I wanted the character to appear to be didn’t exactly match the criteria. What kind of situations can I throw in for a confident person to make her appear relatable if that makes sense?


Have her be supportive of background characters and generally kind to everyone she meets. If she comforts someone who is sad, or encourages someone who’s insecure, she’ll come off as more happy and less annoying/weird.

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Interesting you say that because I did include a scene where she was comforting her best friends who were going through the loss of their parents death but I still ended up with ‘she’s a bit annoying i dont like her’ without any help on why or what can i do to improve. So thank you for clarifying!

Is there a way I can preview your story or read the script?

Maybe tone her “quirkiness” down to some scenes or scenarios
There’s nothing more annoying than one sided characters. Not saying your character is one sided but look at this from a readers perspective
For example:
An mc who is obsessed with food.

Where everything she does is revolved around food
She mentions food constantly
And she calls you crazy if you don’t worship the chicken tender gods like she does


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