Need some help with characters (Moving, and blue boxes?)


Hello :blush: , im new to this editing.
I really can’t seem to place the characters the right place, and other than that… They look like wierd blue boxes and i have no clue why?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I am hoping someone can help :smiley:


Do you write in spotlight style?
If not maybe try to write:
set format cinematic

At the begining of your script.


You have it in the spotlight format. If you don’t want it there then you need to create a new story and click where it says character and click where it says “Full Body Format”


A quote from a previous post of mine "When you first create your story, it gives you options on what you want-first, select the style you want-Ink, Limelight, or Classic. Then after that, you can select either Episode Spotlight or Full Character Display."

It’s pretty much what is mentioned above by another helpful user already : )


Thanks for the help guys! I got it working now :grin: