Need some help with charcter coding!

I need some help with my coding!
So, my character is running from off screen (0.704 381 199 in zone 3) to spot 0.704 101 227 in zone 2 in 1 and then to another spot on the screen (0.163 28 414 in zone 2 in 1) but she seems to be stopping and being idle between each animation.
So, she moves from off screen to the first spot in zone 2 and then is stood there idle for a second, and then runs backswards to the next screen spot but is stood idle after that again, if this makes any sense!

my coding is:
@AG spot 0.704 381 199 in zone 3

@AG walks to spot 0.704 101 227 in zone 2 in 1 AND AG is run_athletic_neutral_loop (after this command she is just stood idle before doing the next code)

&zoom on 326 215 to 569% in 1
@AG walks to spot 0.163 28 414 in zone 2 in 1 AND AG is run_neutral_loop_rear
(She’ll run to this spot backwards like stated but upon completing, she is idle again and facing the front, but i want her to face rear. I tried coding it in but all that happened was she stood idle and then turned around for the rear anumation).

Can someone please help!!!
Thank you so much, Saba :slight_smile:


Instead of using “is” use. does it while . That should work . So it’s. AND CHAR does it while walk_animation

( change CHAR and walk_animation to YOUR char and then whatever animation u want to use even if it’s a run animation )

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No problem glad it worked !

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Would you be able to help me with another problem? :see_no_evil:

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Thank you!!!
So, in my coding, i’ve got the current bg my charcter is in and then the next bg straight after. No transitions or pause added in between. But, there seems to be a pause in between the 2 bg’s for some reason!

&zoom reset
&cut to zone 3
&AG spot 1.280 162 6 in zone 3
&AG faces left
@AG changes into womansuit6

    AG (jump_happy_loop)
It's timeeeeee!!!

@AG walks to spot 1.280 249 6 in zone 2 in 0.2 AND AG is run_athletic_neutral_loop

&cut to zone 2
&AG spot 0.704 381 199 in zone 3

SO, after she’s walked to the spot in the first bg, the bg pauses for a second and then chnages to the next bg but i haven’t added any pause so i’m not to sure how to remove that!

Try changing the. is in here to does it while

See if that works if not then also change the & on this to a. @

If it still dosent work let me know and I’ll add it on my portal .

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it worked!! thank you again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Yw , if u need help again feel free to message me .

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