Need some help with science homework ;-;

Ok so heres the questions I need help with:

  1. Cells are made up of what?
  2. Name at least two different types of organelle.
  3. Identify the job/function of one specific organelle.

Here you go! Hope I’m not wrong. :joy:

  1. All cells are made from the same major classes of organic molecules: nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids.

  2. Nucleus, Ribosomes, Endoplasmic reticulum.

  3. Nucleus, known as the cell’s “command center,” the nucleus is a large organelle that stores the cell’s DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). The nucleus controls all of the cell’s activities, such as growth and metabolism, using the DNA’s genetic information. Within the nucleus is a smaller structure called the nucleolus, which houses the RNA (ribonucleic acid). RNA helps convey the DNA’s orders to the rest of the cell and serves as a template for protein synthesis.

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I have some missing assignments that I need help with


which sciences? i can only really help with chemistry and physics. i never liked biology, geology, or sciences that lack math so i never paid attention or have them effort lol. so if you need help with chem or phys lmk

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I don’t know how to describe it but I’m in 7th grade so for me it’s just science

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hmm okay. i can probably still help. do you want to pm me the assignment and i can try and help?

Sure, I’d also be happy to help :blush:

Yes of course! Let me know what you need help with! :heartpulse:

I can help if you still need it

I can only help with biology and chem.

Im literally in bio class rn haha, If it’s 7th grade I can prob help

I can help if you PM me some of your science questions. I surprisingly remember a lot from my school’s 7th/8th grade science program! : D

If you PM me, I can try helping. I’m told that I’m scary good at bio and chem (but I don’t know squat about physics lmao).

Ooooh cells, this was like a month ago

  1. Nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids.

  2. Cell Wall + Cytoplasm

  3. Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) - Produces proteins for the rest of the cell to function.

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