Need some help with some creatures!

Okay so basically I am writing another story and I am stuck because I feel like the majority of the fantasy genre Li are mainly Vampires or Werewolves which is fine because I don’t mind that but basically I want the Li to be different like a different fantasy creature that (looks human and he is a male) So if anyone has some creatures, it don’t have to be just for the Li I am just stuck on finding some other creatures if you could give some description about them so I know what they do/are that would be very helpful<3

Thank you!

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hey honey
here are some suggestions

  • Angels.
  • Demons.
  • Dragons.
  • Elementals.
  • Familiars.
  • Faeries.
  • Giant animals.
  • Imps.
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  • Witch
  • Hybrid (half-witch and half wolf.)
  • Fairy
  • Lycan
  • Dhampirs/half vamp (This comes from male vampire mating with male mortal human and It’s very rare. Also, they look like a human…I guess)