Need some help with Spots?

So, I want my character to be in a spot and she does an animation. Then, she goes to another spot without standing up. It’s really difficult to explain! Here’s my script.

&CHARACTER spot 0.993 251 -25 THEN CHARACTER moves to layer 1 THEN CHARACTER is idle_happy
&CHARACTER2 moves to layer 3
&CHARACTER2 spot 1.038 110 159 THEN CHARACTER2 faces left AND CHARACTER2 moves to layer 3
@CHARACTER2 starts eat_pizza

@CHARACTER spot 0.993 256 186 AND CHARACTER is dustoff_loop

The one that is boldened is the one that I need help with. But, she skips the first spot and I don’t why that is happening. It worked before…help?

You’re using the & sign for all those commands. You need to change the bolded line to the @sign.

Oh my god, you’re right. :laughing:

But, it looks like CHARACTER2 just came out of nowhere. @Dara.Amarie

So place your characters at their spots first, CHAR1 using the & while CHAR2 is using @. You also don’t need the THEN commands, just change them to “and” and you can add the layer to the spot code, you just need to add what zone their in.

&CHARACTER spot 0.993 251 -25 in zone # at layer 3 and CHARACTER is idle_happy
@CHARACTER2 spot 1.038 110 159 in zone # at layer 3 and CHARACTER2 faces left and CHARACTER2 is eat_pizza

@CHARACTER spot 0.993 256 186 AND CHARACTER is dustoff_loop

Alright, I’ll test it out! Thank you very much for helping me! :slight_smile:

For CHARACTER2, I want him to be there already. It still looks like he just came out of nowhere. CHARACTER1 looks perfect. @Dara.Amarie

Thank you for that, though! :slight_smile:

@Dara.Amarie Are you there? I am getting a bit worried. :laughing:

Your characters should be on the screen at the same time because of the &CHAR1 with the @CHAR2

I’m really sorry if I sound impatient. :frowning:

Thank you so much, it worked! :slight_smile:

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