Need some helps and tips with props!

In my final scene of the episode i have added guns to two of my characters, but the props show at the beginning of the episode and way before i have the animations in the script? i’ve tried all sorts by looking at different things and cant seem to find what i am doing wrong? can anybody help me?

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When did you put the @add prop to character code?

Is this in previewer and do you have a remove prop command later on? Because sometimes previewer messes up and shows things that happen later on if you’ve previewed it more than once.

yes in previewer and yes at the end of the episode after the dialogue i have added the remove commands

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I put @add Handgun to CHARACTER
and then put the animation after it
@CHARACTER is draw_gun

but the handgun prop is shown throughout the whole chapter?

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The reason being may be because the previewer is just not accurate. Click on “Navigation” Then “Restart Episode”, Then try playing the scene again.

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