Need Some Honest Feedback and Help please

I’m in the process of making my 11th episode and was wondering where I can improve - the reason I ask is because I feel like there’s probably something wrong with my story :skull:

I’ll explain - I promote, updated somewhat regularly, have done read for reads, etc. but I feel like I’m not getting enough traction on my story so I was wondering what I can do to improve. What I’ve wanted to do is get my story reviewed by Episode so I’d be in the all clear (guidelines wise). I’ve received a lot of praise and love which I am grateful for ofc but I cannot help but wonder if there is an issue with my story or I’m doing something wrong :frowning: it may be my insecurities speaking which is why I need a fresh, honest pair of eyes with no bias.

What I’d like is some feedback and on how I can improve as a writer - please be as honest as possible and constructive too. I find feedback super helpful and it is something that’s helped me a lot in the past.

Thank you and here is the link of the story:


I will read your story… Like R4R. 10 for 10?? And give it a feedback. :wink: can you do the same for my story :point_right: ‘For His Sake’?? I send you screenshots. :wink: Can you do the same??

Love A-W

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Sure, I may take some time but I’ll try to read your story as soon as possible - I’ll PM you :slight_smile:

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Although I’m an outlier as far as the Episode audience demographic, I will read and assess your story to the best of my abilities.


I would really appreciate it, thank you so much

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Unfortunately it may take some time before I can honour this request as I need to take a break from Episode altogether. I’ve been pouring all of my limited resources into it and it’s been taking its toll on my health and my relationship with my family.

I did start reading the first episode of your story and certainly the sibling relationship rings true.

I’d maybe cut down on the profanity a tad but certainly that’s not unrealistic, just the nature of this format. Episode can be thorny on that subject.
To be fair, I’ve also seen successful authors self-censor words which aren’t even rude in any language, so it can go the other extreme as well. Maybe they have more scrutiny when they rise in popularity.

Anyhow, I’ll try again after my break, if I am able to return at all. Peace.


Thank you, I appreciate you starting, I’ll keep the profanity in mind as yes, Episode can be quite fussy so I’ll work on that and I wish you well, hope you’ll be enjoying your break as well. I’ve had stages where Episode has done that, and honestly I’m glad you’re going to take a break as your life & health are important - I wish you all the best. Just you taking the time to read the first episode is something I am grateful for, so thank you for reaching out :smiley:


I’d love to read and review each other’s stories!
Here’s the link to my story, I’ll start yours right away.

I sincerely apologise, my time is quite limited so doing read for reads is quite hard now :frowning: I’m doing one right now and am struggling to get through it as I work as well as personal life being hectic too

No worries, I completely understand. I’ll still check out your story when I have time!

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Thank you for being so understanding :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

Bumping - I’d really appreciate some feedback lol, I’m just stuck on what to do now.

I’ve tried cleaning up my directing, worked on promoting & sadly do not have time to do a read for read at this point. However, I would appreciate honest input, I’ve been slacking on promotion as I’ve been losing hope :skull:

Hi, I’ll read the first Episode for you and give you my thoughts :blush:

Thanks, Rachel - I appreciate it :two_hearts::two_hearts:

I just read the first episode and thought it was really good! Your directing and layering was great and helped immerse me in the story. I have a little bit of feedback:

Maybe you can try and make things a little more suspenseful off the bat to really hook your readers. I liked the content of the chapter, and I would use it all, but in a different order. I would probably have the episode open on Lalit’s friends making the bets on whether he would go through with the marriage, then pan to his mother saying to his father that he better not disgrace the family, then have him walk down the aisle and run out. From there, I would cut back to the start. This will not only get the readers immediately invested in the story, but also allow you to lay the groundwork for the situation, which brings me to my next point…

This story (or at least this part of the story) is about Indian culture and arranged marriages, correct? I love reading about non-American cultures - I am not an American, and actually typically steer clear of very Americanized stories because I have a deep dislike towards their national culture. Unfortunately, when it comes to media, the USA is the default. People from all over the world understand American culture because we see it constantly in movies, on TV, and yes, even in Episode. The same can’t be said for the rest of the world, and that includes India.

I think it would serve your story well to educate the reader more about the culture, what’s going on, why Lalit is being forced into a marriage he isn’t ready for, why his mother is so overbearing. All of this context will make international readers click more with your story, as well as teach them about cultures different from their own. Building this world around them also makes the characters and their struggles feel more real, as well as strengthening your plot.

I think this episode was a great start to your series, and I am definitely going to keep reading when I have some time. Some other reasons you may not be getting the reads you want are:

  • The lack of Character Customization. I don’t care at all about CC, and I’ve found that most writers don’t either. But the community that strictly read stories and don’t create often do. I know Lalit is Indian, so you want him to actually match the culture he is from, but even adding Limited CC (ie. Not giving the readers the ability to change hair colour, skin tone, and eye colour, but giving them the chance to change his haircut, face shape, etc.) might help.
  • Stories that have a Male MC do tend to get less reads as the community skews largely to teen girls.
  • Stories in the drama category are harder to get trending, because there is so many drama stories.
  • The fact that it isn’t finished yet. My first story hit 2K reads the day I published the final episode (#16), so that isn’t much more than you have now. Since I finished it, it now has 15,000+ reads. It’s sad to say and discouraging, but many people will only read read stories that are completed because they like to binge read.

All of these last points, though - is what makes your story unique. Having a male MC from a specific culture is part of what makes your story stand out from the thousands of mafia and bad boy stories. And I don’t think you should compromise these things, just to get trending. I think my best advice is that if you’re a small author on Episode - you should be writing for yourself, not the potential fame and not for the recognition. If you do that, I promise you’ll find success.

Good luck :heart:


Ding ding! You got it right. I’m British-Bangladeshi but I grew up in a world of media with barely any good representation, any representation that was remotely brown would be whitewashed or heavily stereotyped. My story is a somewhat healing journey for me to have that representation and media my younger self craved for.

Thank you so much, I had this idea in my head for a while that my story was not good enough/not interesting and was trying to scour through ways to improve my work. The things you listed really put my mind at ease, I’ve been feeling very demotivated and that little slither of ‘you’re not good enough’ was getting fed too much.

Also, your suggestion of changing the order of the first episode for particular scenes - I’ll see what I can do and regarding education, the reason behind the marriage is less to do with culture and more to do with the main character’s past. The mother uses culture as more of an excuse (it gets explained in more depth). Thanks for all of your input and fantastic feedback!

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