Need Some INK Models


I want to try out some outlines so I figured I’d need some model INK outlines! To enter I just need your character! It would be nice for good quality too! I won’t make the character so I will only be needing an image of your character!

NOTE: I might start an outline contest out of these!


Hi :slight_smile:


Thank you! :heart::heart:



Not sure if you still need one but here’s mine.


me (liv)
face shape: soft heart
nose: Elven
eye:Upturned Bold eye colour (in straya we spell colour differently) : blue
lips: classic
lip colour: cherry red
hair: beach waves hair
colour: fawn
brows: Seductive Round
skin: taupe
outfit: Black Ridged Moto Jacket, Military Pants, Black Cupcake Gal Tank, Black Military Chic Boots, moon necklace



I couldn’t draw the Lips, nose, or other eye, so this is a free to edit! Meaning anyone can edit it without giving me credit, like change Lips nose eyes etc; color it.