Need some inspiration for a story title

As the title says, I’m in need of some inspiration for a story title.

A short summary of the story:
Daisy is a talented robotics engineer who is suffering from social anxiety. She has created a humanoid that resembles herself to live in the real world in her place. One day an accident causes the humanoid to break down and Daisy is forced to confront her fears and become a part of the world.


I can help you in an hour!

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Bird Out of Nest
Me Against the World
Part of This World
Hidden No More
Stepping Outside

Or just the MC’s name “Daisy”
Sorry if they’re kinda crappy lol🤣 Hope this helps!


I’m Only Human
Daisy For a Day
The Daisies


“Daisy” featuring daisy which is about a bunch of flowers doing war 1

Robotic anxiety
Hid from the world

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