Need some items done please

I am looking for a splash. I would like a purple background. I will choose one if you need me too. At the top of the splash I want it to say “Thanks for Reading” curved and in a pretty font.
At the bottom I would like it to say: Follow me @purelysimple_episode (with the Instagram logo) **I would like the center area clear for me to have a character enter and exit. I’m making it an interactive splash.

Next I would like this boat as an over lay:

I would like the bed in this bedroom background:

To match this bed with the color:

Also, I would like for this to be finished, someone started but I needed changes and they haven’t responded back.

I need the “calling mobile” to be changed to “Calling…” THEN I need the time up top to be taken off or changed to 8:34 AM

If you need additional information don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you so much. Please only commit to doing these only if you intend to finish. =)

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