Need some LL BG-characters!

Hey dears,

I am in need of LL Background-characters for my new story ‘It’s all about her…’
The story-line is at a high school with school uniforms… :wink:
You can be a high-school student, a teacher or a principle…

If you are a high schooler… let me know your personality, too… Are you best friends with the mean girl (Heidi) (and NO you can’t be Heidi or MC… :wink: )

So, let me know what you wanna be. Next options are free:

  • Math teacher…

  • High schooler…

Reminder the MC is an awkward, shy person… So, if you wanna be his/her best friend… Let me know your characters personality, too…
I give you credit for it…

Love A-W


I wouldn’t mind being a high schooler or the MC’s best friend :blush: I’m a calm, shy, friendly and creative person!

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character profile

High Schooler:

Can I make Maya the English teacher??
May I make Aya Heidi’s best friend???

Yep. It is Your story after all.

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What is your insta?? Than I can credit you… :wink:

How do you like me to credit you??

I don’t have an Insta. You can credit me in other ways , tho.

You can choose the role.

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High schooler

Credit : iiivikyiii on insta

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You can choose what character you want it to be :blush:

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You can credit my IG which is @ princesskjx3 :blush:

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Moved to Art Resources since this is for character details. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :wink:

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How can I credit you?? :wink:

Thank you… I will… :wink:

Ty… How can I credit you??

You can credit my insta: @/ coco.artt

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How can I credit you??

Hiya! You can choose their roles, their friends that are kind of popular but still super kind.

Cayleigh's LL deets
Nadine's Character Sheet

Cayleigh: Cute, Bad@ss, supportive, chill, modern, bubbly
Nadine: Stylish, Stranger Things Fan! Relaxed, kind.

You can credit me as Cia_forever

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