Need some opinions on this edit

Hey lovess

So i just made an art piece and i’d like to hear some opinions. I know my art’s trashy:



I personally think you should clean up the lines. The lines are all over the place and are very sharp. I also think you should position the hair so it’s formed like a ‘head’ but otherwise it looks really good!
heres my work with the Way I curve my lines.


like she said, your lines are everywhere it’s super super important to clean them up so they are straight.
Also like on the top of her dress you can see skin color like in the dress, might want to fix that.
And once you feel more confident, you should shade everything so it’s not all just like coloring.
Last thing I promise, I seems like there is something with the hair. There is something that I just can’t pinpoint exactly but something is off.

Don’t want to hurt you feelings or anything just trying to help