Need some outlines!


Hey guys!! So I’m really bored and have never tried to colour in an episode outline before, therefore, I was wondering if you guys could send me some outlines for me. Thanks in advance!


If you have insta: winter05.episode she has a bunch




Here’s mine x if u post it anywhere make sure to Credit me xxx




Hello this is my outline that I made the last two days



Oh wow. Ty!


That is so good! Can I use it too please? I will give you credit obviously. :blush:


Thank you but they’re not mine, they’re different people’s outlines.


Sure , I am happy that you like the artwork :wink:


@Isabella_R @X_Ellie.Marie_X
Those are really good! Would you guys mind if I use it too? I’ll probably credit :grin:


sure !


Sure xx