Need some overlay

I don’t know if I’m in the right place but I’m looking for a overlay dragon or where I can find some thanks

I am still updating my drive with overlays and Backgrounds
I don’t have the dragon one
But here’s the link
U can credit using my Instagram handle epii.jessica if u use them
And for the dragon overlays
Try looking it up on
It’s really amazing …u can get many free stuffs there

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That’s the only almost real one I’ve found

Do you guys know where to get a wolfs overlay?

Hi I have those
philippe-montes-lZw3Gb3Okvo-unsplash-removebg-preview tahoe-YontpP5LKaA-unsplash-removebg-preview


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Can I use those and if I do did you want Credit

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Yeah, totally. No credit needed