Need some Proofreaders and Beta-Readers

I need some proofreaders and beta-readers for my upcoming R&R entry. I would highly appreciate if you could stick around at least until early next week, which is when I’ll be totally done, but I understand if you only have time to read what I have currently!! :hearts:

Story is a Sci-fi Action Thriller

I especially need betas to give me honest feedback about the female LI branch, so if you’re willing to check that branch and/or compare it to the male branch, that would be amazing!

Thanks in advance!


I can do it for you if you are interested!!


I would love to help you, if you are still in need of proofreaders/beta-readers :relaxed:

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I do commissioned proofreading and the prices are so cheap
Let me know if you are interested

Thanks for offering, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to pass, seeing that I can’t pay, sorry!

@June_Sinclair @Lily.v Thank you so much!! I’ll PM you each with the info as soon as I’m done with my classes!!


Hey! I could give feedback:)
My first language isn’t English, so I (probably) won’t be able to give feedback on the grammar, spelling, nor vocabulary.
But I can give feedback on the story, like things I personally would change:)
Just give me a PM:)

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Thank you! I’ll PM you later when I get out of classes


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Hi! I’d like to read it too^^

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Thank you! I’ll PM you the details ASAP!


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