Need some reviews / MORE IDEAS

Hey i need a review on my story so far i feel like im jumping all over the place with it and i want it to be successful so i perfer a author or someone with a good eye for things


I honestly don’t know If I can fit in those categories but I would love to help you!

Just tell me the description of the story and what you were trying to go for and I will give a brutal yet honest review!

Do you think it’ll be better if u read it?

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I hope so , I mean I can give you ideas for scenes I think need more improvement. I can suggest some animations in some scenes that might feel empty and overall, I can rate your story and tell you what a reader might think when they read the first chapter because first chapters matter a lot.

Yes please

Hi im open to review just pm me.

Good morning @Kieran

@Hairycane can help you with reviewing your story for you



Hey, I can try to help you if you want!

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Sure its a new story tho

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That’s fine… mine story is also new tho

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