Need Some Scene Advice On Introducing My Male Lead (LIMELIGHT)

So recently i decided to turn my story Mafia Queen into a CEO story instead of being a mafia story

in the mafia version at the end of episode 1 he shoots a bad guy in an alley

now hes a CEO how do i introduce him now? im stuck?


Maybe you can introduce him in the 2nd chapter by showing him in his everyday life at the company, showing that he is the CEO. Or maybe the MC is watching the news on TV, and then the CEO is introduced through the TV. Or maybe the MC reads an article, or the MC’s friend tells the MC about the CEO. Then at that moment, there’s a scene of the CEO.

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they meet at the restaurant so that wouldn’t work
but i can do the tv part as it would be a sneak peak at the man she meets at the restaurant

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Yeah, you can have a sneak peak to introduce the guy. Or when they meet at the restaurant can just be the first time readers see the CEO.

i need a scene to fill in the gap from when Mia leaves after gym because thats when introduced the male MC in the mafia version it was a cliffhanger

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Maybe Mia sees the CEO at the gym? Or the CEO is outside the gym taking a call and then you zoom in on him, then the episode ends?

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