I am making a new story on episode, and I need some splash covers for it. I have Instagram, but of course, a lot of artists only do art work for “popular” authors :frowning: I need someone to make splash covers for me ASAP. The name of my story is called Going Too Far, and I need splash covers for the different seasons of the story. If you can do this for me, please PM me!!!

Thank you!


wait…some people dont normally do work for “popular” authors. They do for themselves, and for friends. Doesn’t matter if there called “popular”. Not everyone is perfect. :wink: Just so you know.


Well, I know this is off topic, but it’s not that they only do art for popular authors… It’s just that the popular authors have more reason to commission for their art. Their art comes at a price and since they get much more views on their stories, they commission for art!


Right. :+1:t2:


Okay… I should’ve have sad that… I guess.


its ok. Its good to know stuff about these things. Now, back to your splashes. Do u want them drawn, or like basically art, or just plain covers.


Okay… but, what do you mean by drawn?


Okay, I guess… :frowning:


drawn like your drawing a person, and its in a art style. Look at @gabyg story cover. thats what I am talking about, but mainly her cover art is from a commission artist. But im just giving you an example.


dont feel down. Bring that smile on your face. Its okay to say, and hear views from other people, on what you are saying or talking about. Dont feel down :wink:


Ohh okay… I don’t want them drawn though… I would like to have backgrounds that match the plot of my story.


Ok cool. Now, what is your plot?

Oh, and another example, by plain, I meant this:

This is my cover.


Can you PM me about this? And, no I don’t want it plain either. I have to show you how I would like the splash to look.




Try Here :wink: :relaxed: Happy Helpers - Reviews, Covers, Splashes, Script Help and more!