Need some splashes

Hey so I need a few splashes and I’d love if you could send examples of your work along with approximately how long it’d take you, I honestly don’t care about the timing it’s just I don’t want people spending too much time on me
I need a mature themes, thanks for reading, this story contains sounds, this story contains advanced zooms and a the characters actions may not represent your beliefs splash I know it’s a lot but it hoping someone can

I’ll send the deets on DM or on here if I like your style xx💕

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hiya here is a small bit of my expamles

i have a lot more but they are saved on my other laptop as for the backgrounds it is your choice xxx

I like your style but are you able to make them drawn :sweat_smile: so your draw them…?

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im sorry i dont do that :joy: however
@elisabethstarrr can
@MagixQueenie i think she can
@epsd.ama can

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Well hopefully they can do it, thanks for offering to help tho :two_hearts:

its fine xx

I can do it


I like you style but I it isn’t what I’m looking for… your style is great the :smiley:

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Ok, I hope you find what your looking for

I may be able to help?
My examples:



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which splashes are you able to do, and i love you style !

I’ll do the mature theme first. If you like I can also do the others later.

i’d love that! so do you want the details of the MC and if possible could you either make it so she has a censored bar over her mouth so she looks like she’s swearing or over her hand to make it look like she’s giving the middle finger :see_no_evil:

Yes please give me the details of the character, I believe I can finish it in less then 2 hours

so the MC is a girl
she has straight light blue hair
round classic hickory eyes
oval face with tan skin
a soft natural nose
defined natural eyebrows
and full round, toffee lips

she wears
Tribal Patterned Headwrap
Dark Blue Beach Day Tied Cutoff Shirt
Cadet Blue High Waisted Pants
Black Chelsea Boots and Socks

thanks for the help :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Okay I’ll start

Thanks :two_hearts:

Does she look like this?


Yep :smiley:

Here’s your splash

It’s night here and I’m going to sleep, I can only continue making other splash tomorrow if you still want them from me.

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