Need Some Story Advice & Also Need A Name For The Story (LIMELIGHT)

Mia & her twin brothers (triplets) are arms dealers like their parants they go for a meeting in new york with a major arms dealer (Jaxon) Jaxon takes an interest in Mia & vows to find out everything about her but Mia is scared to love after her ex broke her and beat her and tortured her in his basement for months so when Jaxon tries to get close to her it scares her

Still in the planning stages

also dont tell me its a cliche story

what would you want to happen in this story?

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-Triplets Threat
-The Dealers’ intrigue
-Dealing hearts & arms
-Weapons & Lovers (or Lovers & Weapons)

I’d really like if the siblings would look alike, but not the same, and how they interact with one another, maybe having some inside family jokes

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this is them but with lighter blonde hair

Kind of deep. The Episode app is basically for children so you need to be careful what you create.

Can you make Jaxon find interest in Mia through personality and not by “love by first sight” or “She not like any girl”? I find that super annoying but overall really great concept :blush:

I don’t plan to make it love at first sight I plan to build it up but there will be a few arts scenes where he is admiring her all that but it won’t be love at first sight

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ok good

its not like im gonna put the torture scenes in the episode story

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