Need some story plot ideas

Okay, I NEED HELP I want to write a story but I don’t know about! All I know at the moment is that I want to do something in the category of adventure, romantic, action, and a little bit of mystery

I am in serious need for help right now. :exploding_head:


I can help :grin:

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that would be great :two_hearts:

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Ok here are my ideas :blush:

Some might be a bit advanced than others and may take alot of overlays :joy:

  1. A jungle queen
    A jungle queen is about this female and male leaders ruling the jungle tribe
    Until a boy from another country gets lost at sea and crashes there
    In seek of food and shelter he searches around until he finds the tribe
    Thanks almost kills him
    Until the queen stops them and falls in love with the man
    Or woman :blush:

  2. A story of a short guy tallish girl couple fighting crime
    They were highschool sweethearts
    And we’re bullied for being so different from one another
    Which isn’t ok!
    But they turned out to be bada** in the future
    And they have to protect a former bully who is in danger of a hit

Next one is

A mermaid story

A mermaid finds herself falling in love with the prince of the sea
But slowly realizes she’s becoming a human left by left and there’s nothing to stop her

While her lover stays in the ocean while she’s on land
Is there a way to get them back together

  1. You’re living as a nanny when you start to fall in love with the butler :joy:

Next one is

You’re a hunts woman/man in a fantasy mideval town and you go to hunt down an elf

Now the whole idea of this is that the love intrest is Tinkerbell tiny or leprechaun tiny

And you manage to catch one only to find out they’re not so bad

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