Need some writing partners for a psychological horror story :)

I’d love some writing partners for my first episode story ever :slight_smile: I’ve been on Episode for a really long time now, but I’ve never written a story myself.
So I have a few thoughts about how I want the story to go, but I’d love to hear your thoughts too.
I need a scripter/coder and a person who’re familiar with the writing portal, such things like advanced scripting etc. You also need be active.
I am open to more than one writing buddy :slight_smile:
I love to make art scenens and style the characters.
The thriller is about a girl who grew up in the system. She’s been stuck in an orphanage since she was taken from her mother at birth, until she gets adopted. Her abusive adoptive-father holds her captured. She slowly grows fond of him, and develops Stockholm Syndrome. Little does she know, she’ll be a part of the biggest robbery in England’s history.

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I could be your partner if you’d like. I could do most of the coding and help out with the dialogue every now and then.

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That’s really good. PM me :slight_smile:

Is this LL or ink


Oh okay I maybe able to help

That’s great, just pm the owner of the post and she should answer in a few (she disappeared for a bit)