Need someone check on grammar

Hey, so I need to find someone who want to work with me in this series, until it end,
someone who can check my story’s grammar or maybe discuss ideal with me and fix code of the story too.

the detail of my story is about the reality show named “Money the Vogue”
In this story, 14 contestant compete to win a 300.000 dollars, each week, there will be a lot of require from the producer to ask contestant if you want to do this with other contestant, if you accept the request, you will get a small prize or maybe you can choose can’t.

EXAMPLE - “Do you want a Subaru car if you sabotage your friend’s car?” or maybe “Do you 10.000 dollars if you put hair dye into someone’s shampoo”

My story is at the episode 3 now, so if someone want to work with me, please give me your gmail or maybe or your instagram, and I will message you.

Thanks you so much <3

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How? Like how would that someone check your grammar?
Reading the story? Or read the codings and all…?

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Like check my grammar, read and test the story too ^^

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I can help you if you still need help!

okay, pm me

I have someone in mind. :thinking:

what do u mean?

I’m not on the episode app much for now so I probs can’t read the story
But I can read your script if ya want

I meant that I know someone who might help

sure, I will pm you