Need someone from UK to make an art cover for me

Hey, I need want an art cover for my story “Secrets of The Cartel” and I’ve been looking for people that make art but most of them are from the US so I’d have to pay in dollars and the commissions are closed. I was wondering if anyone from the UK could help me or suggest anyone that makes art in the UK for my story so I can pay in pounds. If you can help, please contact me here or on instagram @tenwritess Thank you :heart:


Hey! If you’re paying through PayPal, it automatically converts the currency so you shouldn’t have any issues with that :slightly_smiling_face:

If you’re paying that way and are still open to US based artists, I’d be happy to share my commission info. Just let me know!


Okay thank you! I will try PayPal, please can you share your commissions?

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I can help if you would like examples please message me my prices start from £10

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@caitlindrewthis :blob_hearts:

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thank you for the tag @Chloe.episode123 <3

Hiya my commissions are open and i have a few bundles/ discounts on atm :))

You can contact me here or on Instagram @caitlindrewthis

prices + info

You can find my examples here on my thread >> Caitlin’s Art Commissions [OPEN]

also since we’re both within the uk there won’t be a paypal fee :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you so much! I will check it out :white_heart:

Here’s a list of artists on instagram who take commissions. Just thought I’d give you more options to choose from. :blush:

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Absolutely! :black_heart:

Here’s my Commissions thread with more info. I also recommend checking out my Instagram to see more of my artworks. :heartbeat:

Examples *UPDATED*

I also draw males. Examples of them are on my IG.

Price Chart

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@Tesbie28, @BB.Baby and @Aurora.KK are commission artists! :blush:


I have my commissions open :blush:

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I dmed you on IG but it says you need to be following to dm

My ig

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thanks for the tag @Melish.episode
And I am not from UK lol…
but I will let you know my prices in pounds. (if u use ko-fi or paypal then you don’t have to worry in what currency you r paying in)

You can check my thread Click here to look

Thank you for this! :heart:

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You’re welcome!

Hey! If you use PayPal or Ko-fi it will automatically convert pounds to dollars.

If you’re still looking for an artist I’d be happy to help!
You can communicate with me here or my insta @mighty_artworks


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