NEED someone good at make cover AND BACKGROUND, SPLASH

can you make them full black only like this ??

so…how’s going?

Ok I will

Its going great I have already started with 3 splashes its just I wa waiting for our response



What’s the details

umm… heyyyy so are u going to make the background ? if not i’m going to ask someone else.

yeah <3 can wait to see

can you wait :((

Hey, you could check out this thread:

Here, I suggest awesome backgrounds that you can use from people-but remember to give credit, too!

hey there is some big change about the character

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there is some big change about the character

Just send the new info and tag me… we still have to discuss what ya want for the covers… lol

wwhat iss your ig about ?

It’s all about Episode… all my examples are there… you can send the details where ever you would like

CAN WE DISCUSS THROUGH MAIL IN THIS FORUM? AND IF I’m can’t chat because of the limited mess, i will mess u through ig

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That’s fine. Sorry for the late reply

Good news is that you can private message any user on the forums :smiley: Hope this helps and for more info on the benefits of private messaging you can view the official Discourse topic here. and in order to view your inbox you can go to Thanks :peace_symbol:

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