Need someone’s help

I just need someone to work with on my story

What I want them to do:
•Most importantly be my friend or best friend in the forums or honestly in general too :grin::grin:
•design outfits
•make characters
•help give ideas for scenes
•find me backgrounds or overlays if I can’t find some on my own

Idk if that sounds like a lot but it’s really not because most of the stuff I can do it when I don’t feel unmotivated

Anyways thanks for reading this
Also it can be more than 1 person so…
Ok bye now :grin::cupid:


Hi I’m really new but I’d like to be ur best friend and I’ll try my best to do the rest.

OMG hey!!! :heart_eyes:

Don’t worry about the rest I’m sure you will be amazing!!!

Aaaaannnnndddd welcome! :grin::grin:

Hey, I am Cherry! :cherries: If you are interested in being friends feel free to shoot me a PM and then I would also love to write with you. What genres are you interested in? So long you don’t mind me asking that is? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Sure let me PM you! :heart_eyes:

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Okay sounds golden!
I am actually going to head to bed now though. I am from Tampa, FL so it’s kinda late here and I don’t feel like being a crab in the morning. So I shall see tomorrow! :yum:

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Heh ok sweet dreams!! :grin::revolving_hearts:

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