Need someone to code me this game menu

Hey can someone code me this menu for me. I’m having issues with it for some reason. I need it to be compatable with both the phones and a tablet.

here’s an image of how I kinda want things to be placed.

here are the overlays. Please name the overlays PRCUSTOM PRSTART PRRECAP





This might help:

Yeah Ik I’ve looked at the video and everything. I just need someone to do it for me that’s all. Thanks for trying to help tho. It doesn’t really explain how to do things like this

can you explain in more detail? like do you want them to be tappable, and if so, what do u want them to do?

I mean I do have it in the title and what I need them to do. (Not trying to sound rude or anything) I just need someone to code the actual template for me.


what do u mean where

where does it say?

i said in the title “need someone to code me” this game menu and in my main message

yes… but it doesn’t say what the game is

the game menu you know like when some stories have the start, customize, skip and things like that. thats called a menu. I just call it a game menu thats all it’s for my story

no, i didn’t know. /nbr (not being rude)
it didn’t state that explicitly so i didn’t understand right away.

its all good. no worries. I’ve always seen people call it a game menu and or just a menu template so i’ve jsut called it that. to me it seemed to state it with me saying just need someone to code the template for me so…

Your saying it correct

We called it menu game or menu templates it both ways we called it but some people’s don’t know about it since some don’t used menu game or menu template as of yet but some people alots do used it that way you know who have used it but they might not know about it until now

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I don’t know if you already found someone to help you but I can help you make the menu (how do I do it) you can send me a message about the coordinates where you want them to be positioned or I’d do it my way.

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I just messaged someone so hopefully they help if not I’ll send u a message

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