Need Someone To Code?

It can be hard to focus on writing when you have to spend a lot of time coding.
If you need someone to make character customization templates or code overlay effects for your story I can do it.
I know a lot about coding and overlays.
If anyone needs a co writer please PM me and tell me anout your story

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Sorry :sweat_smile:

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No biggie, we all do it. :grin:

Hey I’d be down to collab!

Hey! If you still need someone to help i could really use a coding partner. I tried for weeks to understand how to do it and I’m this close to just give up. If you decide to help me you will get credit when I once publish my story😊 xoxo Julie💕

Sure Ill help you… just pm me the details of your story and how you want to split up the work…

im new on the forms and ive been looking at this for days and i just don’t get it if you could help me learn or something and of corse you would get credit in my storys

Yeah Ill help you. Just pm me the details to you story and Tell me what parts your having problems with…