Need someone to create a rabbit hole background!

Hello! I am looking for someone that can draw/edit a background for a story I’m working on.

I need a 3-zone (though 2-zone can work as well) forest background with a huge tree in the 2nd zone that has a big rabbit hole where the base of the trunk meets the ground. Similar to the one in the beginning scenes of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie (ref image below :arrow_down:).

Except, no building in the background since it’s supposed to be in the middle of the woods, far away from civilization. With it, I need a tree and ground overlay so that a character can be layered behind the tree and inside the rabbit hole. Also should have a day version and a night version, though a night version is needed right away for the scene this background will be in.

Thanks in advance to anyone that decides to help me out! :hugs:


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Try @/Vanessa.h_storys’s shop.


I already went to her thread and made a request there, but she was unable to do my request. Thanks for the recommendation, tho! :purple_heart:

I just saw she’s back open now if you want to check.

I know she’s open again, but before she closed her thread she told me that she was unable to do my request.

Don’t know if this is any good for you :heart:

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Omg, this looks amazing!! :heart_eyes: All I need is for the tree and the ground to be overlays so that characters can be layered behind the tree and inside the rabbit hole, and it’ll be perfect!!

How’re these?

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Yes, these are perfect!! Thank you so so much!! :grin: How should I credit you?

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No problem at all. Glad I could help :grin:
You can use @kiki.writes.things - it’s the same on Instagram too :heart:

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