Need someone to design overlays and backgrounds


Hi everyone. It’s not exactly “writing partner”, but… here goes.
I need someone to help me design backgrounds / overlays for my stories. What I need is…

  • A Purple Bedroom 3 zone background

  • A single red rose overlay

  • A background that says something like “This story contains sound effects and music, so please turn your volume up,”

  • A background with a picture of an Anime Style angel with red hair

  • A TV screen overlay

I’m sorry it’s just I’m really bad at making backgrounds and overlays! If you can do any of these, please comment and we will talk later!

THANK YOU!!! :slight_smile:


Here is a rose overlay:

Rose Overlay


Thank you so much!! :blush:


Ofc! You’re welcome!


I also found this tv screen overlay (these are from the internet so no credit is necessary)

T.V Overlay


I can make the background that says “This story contains sound effects and music, so please turn your volume up,”


Okay, Thanks! Can you please send it? Thank you! I’ll make sure to give you credit in my story!


Alright it’ll be like 20 min


I’m currently working on the angel background for you

Edit: The wings are red. I hope that’s okay? @DarkAngel0409



:blush::blush::blush::blush::blush: THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!


Yeah, that’s fine! Thank you so much for helping me! I’ll give you credit in my story!


It’s gonna take me a while. What about the background?


That’s okay. I think the background should have a glitter effect (any colour) if that’s okay with you?


I can try!


I’ve gotta eat dinner but I’m almost done. I’m just adding the background. It’ll take me at least… an hour?


Okay, take as long as you need, no rush.


I hope this is okay?


Yes! This is AMAZING!!! You literally saved my life!!