Need someone to do a art + overlay [HELP]

I need an overlay using words that will appear in the opening of my story.


–> the text will be in color blue and any type of font you want :>

Something like this:

yeah :v something like that, but with color blue, and the text a little more realistic :v

Here you go:

Is this good?

can u create another one with nice font?

hello! here are some, you can choose the one that you like. hope you’ll like it :

thanks :yellow_heart:

let me know if you might wanna change something about it!

omg, it’s so pretty >3 i love it, thanks you

anytime, hun! you could credit me @Sophbee on Episode/Forums. have a nice day :yellow_heart:

can u make it a little bit more sky blue?

sure! which font you’d like?

is any of these okay?

yess, thanks you so much