Need someone to do a cover for me :)


I need some cover art for my story! Comment or message if you can do it :smiley:


I can


Thank you :slight_smile: I’ll give you the details now


So i would like the background to be purple with a lightning bolt through the middle. For the characters, I would like and ink female back to back with an ink male with there arms crossed (if you can do that).
Females details:
Hair:Scene Hair (purple)
Eyes:Round Bold (blue)
Skin tone:Olive
Eyebrows: Seductive arched
Mouth: Full Round (wine)
Face Shape: Soft Heart

Clothes: Black biker jacket, red top, Black shorts, fishnets and red heels.

Male details:
Hair: Long Bangs (blonde)
Eyes:Deepset Piercing (blue)
Nose: button
Mouth: uneven (blush)
Face Shape : defined triangle
Wearing: Black racer top, Black ripped jeans and black runners/trainers.

You don’t have to do full body if you want. :slight_smile:


Thank you :grinning:

Large or small or both

Also do you want the character edited like this


Or this

Untitled72 Untitled69-3


Large please :slight_smile: That pose is great thanks :smile:


I like the fourth one :slight_smile:


Can you send screen shot of the characters?




image image

Ignore the girl in the background of one.

Sorry I can’t get a picture of the outfits, I don’t have my computer with me at the minute :confused:


Thx I got the charactesr already @HopeFrvr helped me shes the best


I can if you still need it.


Im doing it already sorry


Of course. It’s fine.






My internet will go off so i will not be able to give it today so @NattyGomez can do it


Can you send the characters


@Rac5hel @Killerfrost @Niinii3002 @NattyGomez

Can one of you guys do it