Need someone to do art scenes for my story


I havnt been on for awhile. I am looking for someone to do art scenes for my story. I had few who did a really great job but dont have time anymore or wants me to pay but I dont make that kind of money. If I did I would.

My story wouldnt make sense if I had art scenes then the rest of my story has nothing. If I took the art scenes away that would be making the people who made it waste their time so I am not deleting it off my story.














I can’t do art scenes at the moment but I am currently having a realistic art cover giveaway right now on my page, though you might be interested in that.




Feel free to say no but… I’m not really a fantastic artist, I’ve only recently started and not with art scenes but covers and splashes, but I can have a go for you, if nobody else is trying it yet and it’s not too complex?
Up to you sweetie. :smiley:
Just so you can see what I have done…

(First two are for myself the third was done as for someone else so anyone reading this please don’t take them, plus last one was splash for someone else)


i really like yours


Thank you… I can give it a go if you like… as I said it’s up to you. I won’t hold you to using it if you don’t like it lol.
Just give me the details and I’ll see what I can do :grin:


will tomorrow


That’s okay it’s early hours of the morning here anyway now lol


i messaged you