Need someone to do my Cover for me!

I need someone to do my cover for me. I have new story that I’m making and I need someone ASAP! let me know if you can do it

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Me and my team can what details

I can. @Gabi.Stories

ok I’ll see just give me a few minutes

Hey, please don’t make a new thread asking for a cover when you already requested from me. At the time, I had other orders to do too, so you weren’t a first priority. And what you asked takes time, I have to go on an app on a different device, put the characters after I cut out the background on another app, then try to draw their hands holding, and then I have to export it back to my computer, and I still have to do the others. So, please don’t make another thread.

oh yes i know but im making a different story and i need a cover for that one

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im already using the one u made for me but im making a new episode story so i need a new one

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You have the details???

not yet i have to make the characters im making them right now

Can you om me I want to show oyu something its art though



Same with me I was making you a cover?? I’m not anymore though, sorry!

I’m with @Epy.Raven and I can do it for you. (I might not depending on what you want) Can you give me the details (Btw, I’m in two groups so you can still call me Hecate :wink:)

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k details?

i dont have them yet ill sned them later

K, it’s ok

I’d love if you checked out my work! c; Please keep it in mind, thankyou!

oh ok thanks can you do it for me

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