Need someone to help me with coding

could someone please help me with the coding of my story? like fix the directing mistakes?

Yeah sure. What exactly do you need help with?

hi sorry for the late reply I had exams, are you still willing to help?

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Maybe I could assist?

that’s amazing so I’ll give you my account’s details, I jut need help with directing not grammar

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It would be better if this was in Find a Writing Partner: Find a writing partner to help you or co-author with you! located in Creator’s Corner I believe because you are looking for someone to help code your story but I could be wrong :thinking:

Also, read this (it’s from the Forum General Rules, a direct quote):

Please respect your own and each others’ privacy.

  • Do not publicly post personal information. (Ex: address, phone number, emails, etc. If you would like to supply any of these to another member, please do so at your own risk and via the forum’s Private Messaging system.)

Hey, I recommend that this comment gets deleted. Send your personal info in the DM for the person that wants to help you.
You don’t need to expose your password to the entire internet, it’s not safe at all.

alright thanks

No problem!

However, please erase your comment again as you have quoted yourself and it’s out in the open for many to see : /

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You literally just reposted it. 🤦
Remove the quote

alright now I completly feel like an idiot. 19 hours of no sleep hit you like a truck

It’s fine, mistakes happen, however you should really change your password immediately :sweat_smile:

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sh*t ok alright