Need someone to help with coding!


I’m working on a story I have the plot and everything figured out I just need some people to help with coding! I would love multiple people to help!

I just need someone who can help with coding because I am horrible lol please someone!


What kind of coding are you talking about?


just anything basic i cant do anything properly not even choices…


You can message me, I’ll see if I can help in any matter that you need if you want to.


What type of choice do you want?


outfit/ clothing changes


How many options?


3 plz


Actually, I was just thinking if you go to @Dara.Amarie, there is a link, she has a lot of coding templates that you would probably want to check out. Including the clothing one.


thank you sm i had no clue these kinds of things existed!


Just don’t forget to credit it them