Need someone to make a cover for me

well you see i need someone to make a cover for me and a couple art scenes thanks in advance there are some requirements
*must be a nice artist
*must be funny artist
*and only draw to YOUR limits
*have fun drawing it not because i asked

I can do it if you like my art. Would you like some examples?

yes please i would love for you to be my artist

did you make your account image yourself it looks awesome

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Great! I have three styles so you can choose whichever you like the most.

This is style 1

This is style 2

This is style 3

(Btw any art style can be done with any episode character style.)

Yes I did, back when I first started digital art.

okay i love them all ink is what choose and the 2nd to last style looks great

i can talk on private messages

Okay sounds good :+1: