Need someone to make a cover for my story

Hi! I am in the process of writing my first story and need someone to make me a cover for it. I would like the cover to be a bit like an art scene please. My story will be called It all starts with a PUSH and it is a limelight story. Please comment or PM me if you would be interested in helping me or if it is better for you, DM me on my friend’s instagram @sophie__episode

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Epi.sunset would or epi.harmony @Hialexhi @ThereISNoregrets

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@elisabethstarrr I’m actually making a pfp do I can’t roght now cxx

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Alright that’s okay I can :slight_smile:

@Ryan can you please close this thread as i have found some one

i have found someone don’t worry but thanks

Np , I could still make you a small or a large cover tho. The one you found could do the one and I could do the other if u want :slight_smile:

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That’s a great idea! :slight_smile: I will PM you about it :slight_smile:

Alright, even tho you can write them here I don’t mind wherevery you want :slight_smile:

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It may have to be on here lol I can’t seem to find how to PM you :sweat_smile:

It’s fine wherever it’s easier to you :slight_smile:

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Well…the story is called It all starts with a PUSH and my author name is Twiggyster. The main character is called Florance (I will give you the character details after I have explained briefly the plot) and one night at a party she is pushed and ends up with amnesia so doesn’t remember how she fell. Her friend Whitney (Who’s details I will also give you in a minute) twists the truth when reciting the events to Florance so she wont get into trouble however on another night out a guy called Bailey who saw the whole event tells Florance what really happened and then Florance begins to remember. That is basically it. The reason I am telling you this by the way is because I would like you to decide what the cover looks like rather than me as I fee this will let you be more creative. :sweat_smile: - By the way I hope this is okay with you? The character details for Florance are:
Skin tone: Gold 01
Eyebrows: Arched Natural / chestnut brown
Hair: Hair flip / chestnut brown
Eyes: deepset almond / grey cool
Nose: defined natural
Mouth: full heart puty / deep red matte
Face shape: heart refined
Clothes; Sheer Rolled Sleeve Tanktop Linen White Teal, Side stitch button up jeans denim blue denim, Tote bag taupe accents leather ivory white, Flat canvas sneakers cotton black white
Character details for Whitney:
Skin tone: Copper 00
Eyebrows: Arched thick styled / dark brown
Hair: long feathered / peach blonde
Eyes: deepset almond / hazel dark
Nose: defined natural
Mouth: full heart pouty / violet matte
Face shape: heart defined
Clothes; Floral lace bodice mermaid dress silk grey black, Lace cape stiletto heels leather grey black, Starry choker black gold
Character details for Bailey:
Skin tone: Copper 00
Eyebrows: Straight medium / light brown
Hair: Slicked back solid / dirty blonde
Eyes: Deepset downturned / grey cool
Nose: straight narrow
Mouth: small heart / fair gold matte
Face shape: male generic
Clothes: Swoopneck tee ombre grey white blue oxford, Chain accessories ripped jeans denim blue oxford, High top classic leather blue, Studded metal rimmed earring metal grey black
Sorry I couldn’t send photos my computer is playing up. I hope this is ok! Also just a reminder the story is limelight :sweat_smile: Thanks again!

ps sorry for the long message!

could you also let me know - when you have some idea yourself- how long you think the cover may take you

Np! Sorry I didn’t see the message I just found some WiFi! I’ll work and end it ASAP! Just give me a minute to read and tell you my thoughts :slight_smile:

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I did take a look at your script and saw the whole thing :slight_smile: so I thought maybe the Main character might be in a thinking animation and then her friend being sad and the guy should be awkward animation maybe? Could you send them to the animations I told you? If you think my idea is cool ? :slight_smile:

And it might take 1 hour and 30 mins the longest :slight_smile:

yep I can do that
one sec

what is the name of the awkward animation do you know??


Also sorry for the wait